Essay on the topic of benefits and drawbacks of Nuclear Energy

The benefits and disadvantages of nuclear energy are making this energy that is alternative probably one of the most controversial available today. Advocates for and against nuclear energy are equally passionate about their causes. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks with this power source makes it possible to make an even more informed decision about your own personal energy use.

Nuclear Power Source

Nuclear energy is used to produce electricity. Heat generated from the splitting of uranium atoms in an activity known as fission can be used to produce steam. This steam in turn powers turbines, which are write my paper for me used to create the electricity that supplies the community that is surrounding.

Nuclear power stations are set up in a process that is multiple-step happens to be built to help retain the energy and many of its negative byproducts. This procedure alone is the base of several pros and cons with this power source.

Features of Nuclear Energy

Despite potential drawbacks therefore the controversy that surrounds it, nuclear energy comes with a couple of advantages over several other types of energy production.

Less uranium is required to produce the same quantity of energy as coal or oil, which lowers the price of producing the exact same quantity of energy. Uranium is also more affordable to procure and transport, which further lowers the cost.


When a nuclear power plant is functioning properly, it can run uninterrupted for up to 540 days. This results in fewer brownouts or any other power interruptions. The running of this plant can also be not contingent of weather or foreign suppliers, rendering it more stable than other forms of energy. Continue reading