Side-effects – Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy could cause unpleasant unwanted effects

Chemotherapy could cause unpleasant negative effects, although some can usually be treated or avoided, & most will pass as soon as your treatment stops.

It is hard to predict exactly just what unwanted effects you will get.

Listed here is a listing of most of the side that is common, but it is not likely you should have a few of these.


Tiredness (exhaustion) the most common negative effects of chemotherapy.

Many individuals treatment that is having exhausted a whole lot regarding the time or get exhausted quite easily doing everyday tasks.

  • Get an abundance of remainder
  • Avoid doing tasks or tasks that you don’t feel as much as
  • Do light exercise, such as yoga or walking, if you are in a position to – this may enhance your degree of energy, but try not to push yourself too much
  • Pose a question to your relatives and buddies for assistance with everyday tasks

If you should be working, you might wish to pose a question to your boss for time off or organize to the office part-time until your therapy has completed.

Contact your care group in the event that you unexpectedly feel extremely tired and away from breathing. This is an indication of anaemia.

Being and feeling ill

Many individuals chemotherapy that is having have durations where they feel unwell (sickness) or are ill (vomit).

Your care team will give you anti-sickness (antiemetic) medication to lessen or avoid this.

This really is available because:

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