Therefore Simply Just How Many Ladies Has Hugh Hefner Had Intercourse With?

In the nearly 60 years since he published the issue that is inaugural of, Hugh Hefner has frequently interacted with a few of the very most gorgeous ladies on earth. We know concerning the famous parties at the Playboy Mansion, not forgetting whatever continues on into The Grotto. The rumor that is unconfirmed for ages been that how many movie stars showing up in the Playboy logo is Hef’s position of exactly exactly exactly what the Playmate regarding the Month ended up being like in the bed room. Nevertheless the big concern that every horny, incredibly envious, right guy in the usa really wants to understand is this: exactly how many ladies has Hugh Hefner had intercourse with?

Well, we now have a remedy!

Kind of. In a brand new interview with Esquire, Hefner estimates their quantity of sleep lovers as “over a thousand.” He’s 86 years of age (switching 87 on April 9) and he’s been extremely general general general public regarding how he’s been intimately active since he had been 22, therefore we decided to complete a small mathematics to determine just what their ladies per year is.

Hefner claims in the Esquire piece to do not have cheated on their spouses. This will make our calculations just a little tricky, however, because he along with his 2nd spouse, Kimberley Conrad, Continue reading