Present service that is military medical documents are not online.

However, many veterans and their next of kin can buy free copies of these DD type 214 (Report of Separation) together with after service that is military some of the means given below.

To locate?

  • DD 214/ Separation Papers
  • Formal Military Personnel File (OMPF)
  • Substitution Medals
  • Healthcare and Wellness Reports

Let’s say I’m perhaps not the Veteran or next-of-kin? Can I nevertheless access files?

  • This will depend regarding the date the ongoing solution member divided through the armed forces. Army workers documents are available to the general public 62 years once they leave the army. (To compute this, use the present 12 months and subtract 62. ) documents of any veteran whom separated through the army 62 (or even more) years back are bought by anybody for the copying charge (step-by-step below underneath “cost”). See Access to Military Records by the overall Public to get more details. Continue reading