Policy on Disbursements

Financial Aid Awards

When course attendance is confirmed each term, school funding is disbursed towards the student’s account. The student may qualify for a financial aid disbursement check if the student’s aid is greater than the total tuition, fees, and bookstore charges for the term.

Bookstore Advance

Students qualify for the Bookstore Advance as much as $2,500 ahead of the start of term, if their aid that is financial exceeds costs for tuition and charges. The Bookstore Advance allows pupils to acquire books and materials ahead of the start of the term at the Campus Bookstore. The Bookstore Advance is determined by subtracting tuition and costs through the number of authorized help up to a maximum Bookstore Advance moneytree las vegas of $2,500.

Pupils may buy one laptop computer utilising the Bookstore Advance in their time at Piedmont Tech.


As soon as students’s school funding is transferred to their account, in the event that level of the student’s school funding surpasses tuition, charges, bookstore fees, along with other charges that are institutional the pupil account, the pupil is eligible for a disbursement check. Continue reading