Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Are Not Dating. This informative article is through the archive of our partner.

Today in celebrity gossip: A rumored power few just isn’t really coupling, Ryan Lochte has a tremendously trendy supper, and Prince Harry is not any longer searching for revenge.

Though she attempted to destroy him therefore sexily in Vanilla Sky and additionally they radiated such electric chemistry within the best movie ever made, Knight and Day, as it happens that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are not dating. There was in fact a rumor which they had been, but reps or whoever are actually stating that the thing that is whole not the case. They are simply buddies, dudes, therefore settle down. You can certainly still ‘ship them all that’s necessary in your fanfic site, there is absolutely nothing incorrect with this, however in real world, IRL, t’ain’t happening. Continue reading