The Lotus Mod by Artisan Mods

The Lotus Mod by Artisan Mods is component for the Artisan brand name created out of Richard Knopik’s pursuit of a wholesome option to smoking cigarettes once we all can connect with. Offered an ego by their uncle the very first time, Richard felt for it to charge like it was a bit of a hassle to keep screwing the battery onto the charging lead and having to wait. A block of walnut, a simple push button and a 510 fitting (taken from an ego stick) and created a simple box mod at that time he took it upon himself to grab a 3.7v battery. Quickly after he included DNA potato chips into their mod and discovered out of the difference between the caliber of vape he could obtain by having a regulated mod. The others is history into the creating.

By trade Richard is really a bespoke jeweler and master pattern manufacturer. He additionally picked within the art of Japanese Netsuke on the way (little carvings that are intricate materials such as for instance timber, ivory, steel, ceramics etc). These trades are obviously observed in every single mod he creates.

You can find four requirements that Richard strives to realize whenever cbd gummies amazon making a mod. First being function; does it work nicely? 2nd is shape and size; could it be ergonomically correct and comfortable to carry? Third is complete; it should have the feel and look of luxury. Last but most certainly not least, does it cause you to smile whenever you choose it up? Continue reading