Macau Faces Labor Shortage Dilemmas It is not a key that the gambling industry in Macau is having a hard time. The local gambling sector has to deal with although some market analysts believe that the current troubles with the revenues will be solved in the foreseeable future, that’s definitely not the only problem.

A agent of MGM Asia, has recently raised the question about the possible lack of experienced experts who can work into the gambling that is macau-based.

Being a matter of fact, Pansy Ho defined the work shortage among the reasons that are key the halt within the growth of the Macau tourism. Ho don’t miss to pinpoint the authorities need to locate a strategy that is successful attracting employees to be able to remain competitive, in a position to live up to the clients’ demands also to overcome effectively the challenges the fast growing industry imposes.

Pansy Ho discussed the complicated problem within a forum, regarding the worldwide tourism matters and said that presently, the labor market of Macau can not adequately answer the high demands of this neighborhood company. Ho stated that the issue needs a careful approach. Really, it is a double-edged sword because regardless if the authorities achieve attracting foreign workers, these actions may result in howls of protests from the local residents whoever job opportunities are going to be drastically limited.

Presently, residents of international nations aren’t allowed to act as dealers in casino venues in Macau. Continue reading