Will My Ex Girl Rest With Another Person?

Hello, two X chromosomes right right here!

I’m writing this article to try and provide you with some understanding of the female head therefore that you could better comprehend your ex partner girlfriend.

Chris has mentioned in my experience any particular one associated with biggest issues you gents have actually over here at ex girl healing is when your ex partner gf will probably leap to resting with another person straight away.

I need to acknowledge, it is interesting to discover that is a main fear, because over at old boyfriend healing, the women tend to be more worried about their man conference and dropping for some other person, and him resting with another person is just a additional concern.

(i do believe it is a well established label that whenever males split up with a lady, they rebound pretty quickly, celebrating being solitary. Or at the very least, that is how the rom-coms get).

Exactly what about ladies?

Will they be prone to leap straight into the sack with a guy that is new away?

I am aware exactly what I’m like, but I genuinely ended up beingn’t certain in regards to the most of women, for them to sleep with someone new so I decided to ask the lovely ladies in the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Facebook group about their experiences being the dumpers in a relationship, and how long it took. Continue reading