Two exhibitions that are solo of Artworks solely created for Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts by Kazakh Artist Sagin Abzalov and Yasbi become exposed by Minister of Economy and Energy Hasan Tacoy

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Two solamente exhibitions composed of artworks of Kazakh designers Sagin Abzalov and Yasbi Agitayev is likely to be exposed because of the Minister of Economy and Energy, Hasan Tacoy.

In line with the information given by the Directorate of Press and advertising associated with the Near East University, the opening of two solamente exhibitions composed of a complete of 31 works may be held on Monday, October 28, 2019 at 08.30 during the event hallway regarding the Near East University Ataturk society and Congress Center.

Musician Sagin Abzalov illustrates the fantastic Migration History of Peoples… Kazakhstan Painting Artist Abzalov Sagin illustrates the real history regarding the features that are old defeats in the work en titled “Old Tree”, one of several 14 paintings in the solamente exhibition comprising 14 artworks. Continue reading